Steiff Announce “Last of the Summer Wine” Nora Batty & Compo Teddy Bears For Fans Of The Holmfirth Show

Holmfirth Last of the Summer Wine Teddy Bears

Here’s a national treasure. Love by all, Compo entertained us for nearly three decades as he strived to impress the woman of his dreams… the formidable Nora Batty.

Filmed on location in and around Holmfirth in the Holme Valley, Last of the Summer Wine is the longest-running comedy programme in Britain and the longest-running sitcom in the world.

Centred around the activities and shenanigans of three elderly men, Last of the Summer Wine is a gentle comedy about the pleasures of growing old. The cast has changed my times over the years with the original trio consisting of Bill Owen as the scruffy and child-like Compo, Peter Sallis as deep-thinking, meek Clegg and Michael Bates as authoritarian and snobbish Blamire.

Now, Steiff – the creator’s of the World’s first teddy bear – present Compo, their own tribute to this icon of comedy.

The craftsmen and women at Steiff have made an exceptional teddy bear. His gloriously soft blonde fur is made of real mohair, the precious coat of the Angora goat. Just look at that mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Could it be that he’s cooking up yet another crazy scheme? Even the fearsome Nora couldn’t help but fall in love with this adorable little bear!

Dressed just like Compo

Never a slave to fashion, the Compo bear is dressed in his ill-fitting, tatty old jacket, black Wellington boots and trademark woolly hat.

And look at those baggy trousers – they’re held up with just a piece of string! Every detail has been meticulously reproduced.

Each bear will be issued with a serially-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. What’s more, Compo has been licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited – a testimony to his outstanding quality.

What is Last Of The Summer Wine?

Over the years the original cast has grown to feature a wide variety of supporting characters, with each helping to contribute to their own unique sub-plots and often finding themselves somehow involved in the daredevil stunts and boyish pranks of the trio.

Whilst the characters of Clegg and Compo remained a constant duo throughout the series, the third character in the trio was replaced numerous times. In 1976, Michael Bates (the actor who played Blamire) had to drop out of the show entirely due to illness, after two series on the show.

From series three right up to the 20th series, the ‘third man role’ in the trio was filled by various characters, one of the most popular being the quirky war veteran Walter “Foggy” Dewhurst (Brian Wilde). Brian enjoted two rather lengthy stints on the show and quickly established himself as one of the group – and a firm favourite among the fans.

Other characters that made up the third man of the trio include the eccentric inventor Seymour Uttherthwaite (Michael Aldridge), and former police officer Herbert “Truly of The Yard” Truelove (Frank Thornton).

Whilst the trio has changed over the course of the show, Peter Sallis as ‘Clegg’ has remained a constant character as was Bill Owen as Compo for some 26 years until his death in 1999.

Much to the division of fans of the show, Last of the Summer Wine returned following the death of Compo, with the Compo replaced at various times by Tom Simmonite (Bill Owen’s real life son Tim Owen), Billy Hardcastle (Keith Clifford), and Alvin Smedley (Brian Murphy).

Due to the age of the main cast, a new trio was created during the 30th series which featured relatively young actors, and this format was used for the final two instalments of the show.

The newly casted trio included Russ Abbott as former milkman/secret agen Luther “Hobbo” Hobdyke, Burt Kwouk as the electrical repairman, “Electrical” Entwistle, and Murphy as Alvin Smedley.

Peter Sallis and Frank Thornton continued on in the show as supporting to characters to the new cast, but their screentime was somewhat limited.

Despite many viewers and fans feeling that the quality of the show declined over time, Last of the Summer still continued to pull in large viewing figures for the BBC right until its end, and was often praised for its positive and refreshing portrayal of older people with its special touch of family-friendly humour.

Often seen as ageing delinquents, the three men have never seemed to have grown up. With their often youthful stunts and japes aimed at wooing their lady friends or getting male chums out of trouble.

Last of the Summer Wine continues to raise a large viewing audience on the BBC, and has been awarded in the past for it’s positive portrayal of older people and it’s family-friendly humour and content.

On the 26 June 2009 the BBC announced that it had recommissioned the show for its 31st series, consisting of 6 episodes to be broadcast in 2010.

About Holmfirth

Located in the heart of the beautiful Holme Valley, Holmfirth is a small town that sits just north of the Peak District in West Yorkshire.

The town is better known as the location for the popular BBC TV series Last of the Summer Wine, with thousands of fans making the journey every year to visit such locations as Sid’s Cafe and Nora Batty’s Steps.

Whilst Last of the Summer Wine is a major visitor attraction, it certainly isn’t the only reason people visit Holmfirth year in and year out. With it’s breathtaking scenery across the Holme Valley, Holmfirth is also popular with walkers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, and if that isn’t enough there are some wonderful attractions to be seen in the town itself.

Holmfirth is also home to a wide range of eating places, including restaurants, wine bars, pubs take-aways that cater for a wide variety of tastes. Holmfirth is one of the most popular and much loved destinations in West Yorkshire, with visitors flocking to the sleepy town all year round.