Personalised Teddy Bears For School Leavers

Browse our collection of leavers 2022 and 2023 teddy bears. All bears can have their t-shirts embroidered to feature a school logo, name, leavers 2022 or 2023 or any other text you require.

These super fun personalised teddies are the perfect school living gift for pupils and students of any age. This timeless personalised gift is a great keepsake for all students regardless of age.

All leavers teddys can be fully personalised to your school, college or university’s requirements including font, text, thread colour and more.

Special discounted pricing for bulk order – please contact us for a custom quote.

School Leavers Teddy Bears Explained

Teddy Bears are the perfect way to say thank you to students and staff who have made a big difference to your school. They’re also great for fundraising events and as gifts for retirees. We have a range of teddies in all shapes and sizes, including bears with school logos, class of 2022 bears and personalised bears for leavers.

Personalised Bears For Schools

If you’re looking for a great way to say goodbye to school leavers, a personalized teddy bear is the perfect gift. We can personalize your teddy bear with the name of your school as well as its logo if you have one.

School Leaver Bears

School leaver bears are a great way to show your child how proud you are of them. They can be personalised with the school badge or logo and class year, so that they have a keepsake that they can keep forever. The teddy bear’s name is embroidered on its tummy, which is an easy place for your child to find it when looking for their bear when they come home from school.

This type of teddy bear would make a perfect gift for any little girl who is leaving primary school or high school this year!

Bears With School Badges & Logos

For school leavers, you can create a personalised teddy bear with your school crest and the year you graduated. The perfect gift for the graduate in your life, our bears are available in many different designs. You can choose from bears that are holding their diplomas, wearing mortarboards and graduation gowns or even riding on top of giant pencils!

These bears make excellent keepsakes for students who have just finished their A-levels or university exams. They can be kept as a reminder of all the hard work that was put into achieving this milestone moment in their lives by former teachers and fellow classmates who want to congratulate them on their success with one of these cute little toys.

Thoughtful Gifts

Teddy bears are usually a symbol of love and affection, but they can also represent friendship, strength, happiness and perseverance. Teachers often give these small stuffed animals to their students as a way to say “thank you” for all they’ve done throughout the year.

For many school leavers it’s their last day at school and this means that they’ll be leaving friends behind them when they move on to high school or college. The thought of leaving friends behind can be tough to handle so it’s important for parents and teachers alike to make sure that kids who have been through such an emotional time know that there are people waiting for them at home who love them just as much as those left behind in school do.